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EMX Photoeye - EMX NIR6 Diffuse Reflective Photoeye

EMX Photoeye - EMX NIR6 Diffuse Reflective Photoeye

Optional Equipment


EMX Diffuse-Reflective Photoeye, EMX P-NIR6 -- $148.00
Includes PhotoCell & Reflector
EMX Steel Protective Hood for NIR -- $24.00
EMX Optional 3” round reflector -- $19.00
(Replacement Only)
EMX Gray Protective Hood for Reflector -- $28.00
EMX Wrap around Mounting Bracket -- $9.95 (Replacement Only)

 Spec Sheet


The EMX P-NIR6 Diffuse-Reflective Photoeye may be used as a sensor for: vehicle detection in parking spaces, detection input for counting and arming input.

The EMX Photoeye P-NIR6 is an ideal input solution for parking space monitoring systems. The EMX Photoeye P-NIR6 detects the presence of a vehicle in individual parking spaces. It feeds this information to a control panel, allowing you to help customers quickly find an available parking space.

EMX Diffuse-Reflective Photoeye P-NIR6
Flexible voltage 14 Volt DC to 240 Volt AC 2.5 VA current draw max
Watertight package
Detection range up to 6 feet
6 feet of lead wire
Bracket and mounting hardware included
Two LED indicators
Sensitivity adjustment
Compact package. Size: 2.0” High, 2.0” Deep, 0.7” Wide

The P-NIR6 Diffuse-Reflective Photoeye may
be used as a sensor for:
Vehicle Detection in parking spaces
Detection input for counting
Arming input

EMX Diffuse-Reflective Photoeye P-NIR6
Operating Temperature: -10o C to +55oC (14oF to
Operating Voltage: 14 DC - 240 Volts AC
Dimensions: H = 2.0”, D = 2.0”, W = 0.7”
Lead Wire: 6 feet
Response Time: 100 mS
Fail Safe Relay Output: 1A@ 220V, 3A@ 24 VDC.
Environmental Protection: IP65 (IEC)
Certifications: CE

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