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Doorking 8055 MicroPLUS Receiver

• Provides remote operation of vehicular access gates from the safety and convenience of a vehicle
• MicroPLUS® transmitter codes cannot be copied assuring that only the original intended
transmitters will activate the access control system
• Over 286,000,000 transmitter codes available plus an encrypted “sync” code that changes every
time the transmitter is used
• PROXmtr™ includes a built in proximity card with the MicroPLUS transmitter combining both RF and card access control into a single compact unit
• Transmitters available with 1, 2 or 3 buttons
• MicroPLUS® RF controls may be used as a standalone access control system or can be interfaced with 26, 30 or 31-bit weigand controllers

Doorking 8055-080 MicroPLUS RF Remote Controls - 40 Memory -- Add To Cart For Special Pricing - To Low To Advertise

Doorking 8055-081 MicroPLUS Receiver w/ Coax/Antenna Connector -- Add To Cart For Special Pricing - To Low To Advertise

 Spec Sheet

MicroPLUS® RF products provide you with the highest level of security available with RF access controls. Our coding and encryption
schemes are not shared with other producers (such as automobile manufacturers), resulting in transmitter codes that cannot be
duplicated or copied. With MicroPLUS controls, you are assured that only the original intended transmitter will activate your access system.

Model 8055: 40 transmitters

Doorking 8055: Stand-alone receiver can support up to
40 transmitters. Programming is by means of the
receiver “learn” method. Individual transmitter codes
cannot be deleted from this receiver.

1, 2, or 3-button transmitters available
Key ring included with transmitters
Button combinations allow 2 and 3 button transmitters
to control multiple devices
PROXmitters combine the MicroPLUS transmitter with
a built in proximity tag
PROXmitters are available with DKS, AWID, or HID
Powered by a 12-volt type 23A battery
Visor clips available

Electrical Requirements
Receivers - 12-24 volt AC or DC power

Model 8055 receiver –
Dry contact form C relay (30V, 1 A max)

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