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New Apollo 1050 replacement board for Apollo 835 / 836

Apollo Control Board 1050. Control board for all ETL single operators

The 1050 main control board is housed in a protective plastic enclosure that includes a 2-line LCD and with 5 dedicated buttons and 3 buttons for navigation of the setup, programming, and information menus. Connectors for power, inputs, and output peripherals are arranged around the edges of the board and clearly labeled. A plug-in connector is provided for direct installation of a Nice-brand receiver which can be controlled by up to 1000 transmitters. A reset RJ-11 jack offers a connection to an optional O-view programmer with Bluetooth and GSM which can be used to control the gate with a telephone, smartphone, or PC. Connectors for other Nice-brand plug in accessories include 2-wire Bluebus, self-monitored photocells for entrapment protection.
Dry contact inputs are provided for loop, probe, and photoelectric detectors, as well as edge sensors, guard station, and fi e department control of gate
opening and closing. Voltage outputs (+12VDC and +24VDC) are also made available to power safety and entrapment-prevention devices, and a magnetic
lock if required. Onboard charge control circuitry delivers reliable power to a backup battery (if installed) and the unit is equipped with input for a solar
panel for self-powered installations.

Regular Price: $549.00
Our Price: $429.00

Nice Apollo 1050 Control Board Vehicular Gate Control Board


    Main control board specifics

  • Inputs for solar panel and batteries.
  • Low power consumption in stand-by mode.
  • Built-in regulator to keep the battery charged (either thru solar or main power).
  • Socket for plug-in Nice receivers (SMXI/A series).
  • Board compatible with Nice Opera System (facilitates programming and diagnostic’s away from the site of installation).
  • Easy programming with LCD display and dedicated buttons.
  • Digital programming for auto-close, force, speed, opening delay.
  • On board buttons for operating the gate (Open, Close, Stop).
  • Built-in voltmeter to check input voltage, battery voltage, solar panel voltage, motors’ current.
  • Temperature sensor to optimize charging battery and system performance.
  • Programmable service alarm.
  • 2 Programmable timers (from 1 sec to 9 hours).
  • Inputs for guard station, additional third party receivers, loop detectors, FIRE and UL/Edge signals.
  • 2 programmable inputs (open, close, step, mid-position, hold to open, hold to close, activating timer).
  • Surge suppression on every peripheral input (digital and analog).
  • Ports for self-powered Nice plug-in peripherals. (BlueBus).

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