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Barcode Decals

Barcode Automation offers vehicle barcode decals in 56 different colors, which is useful for color matching or color-coding parking areas. For an unobtrusive (almost invisible on tinted windows) decal, our popular black-on-black decal is the answer.

Once properly attached to the vehicle window, the decals will not be lost or loaned, and Barcode Automation readers do not read photocopies of barcodes.


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Specialty Decals

In addition to our standard decal Barcode Automation has decals for special uses:A larger decal, measuring 7" tall and 3.75" wide for use on large vehicles, such as delivery trucks, big-rigs, or heavy equipment. These decals have a read range of up to 12 feet.Decals on handheld cards, ideal for use as temporary access passes for rental vehicles. Also useful for classic or antique show vehicles and motorcycles.Decals with a magnetic backing which are easy to use on vehicles allowed temporary access.Barcode Automation can also produce decals for use with other manufacturer`s barcode readers. Please contact us for further information.


Decal Colors


Decal Color Table


Background Colors

















Custom Decal Design

We offer custom decal design service, making it easy to customize your decals with special features such as a name or logo.

For more information on customizing your decals, call 800-528-9167 or contact your local integrator. There is no extra charge for creating the custom decal, cost is determined by how large it is.


Decal Placement

Decal Application Guidelines

When applying decals on the vehicle, follow these guidelines:

Always place the decals on the same side of the vehicle that the reader is on.

Apply to the outside of the window glass. Decals will not read reliably through the glass.

Apply decal with the stripes running horizontal. (as shown above). The numbers printed on the decal may be on either the left or right side, but never the top or bottom.

The bottom of the decal should be at least 36 inches above the ground.

The top of the decal should be no more than 65 inches above the ground.


Be sure to clean the glass where the decal will be placed using SoftScrub or similar mild abrasive cleaner. Do not use a Glass cleaner, many contain chemicals that may interfere with the decal adhesive. A mild abrasive cleaner is recommended to gently remove wax or other coatings from the window glass. If these coatings are not removed, the decal will not bond with the glass and may be easy to remove. If placed on the vehicle anywhere other than glass, it can be difficult to remove the decal without damaging the surface.







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